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Sydney Latvian Arts Festival Choir

Conductors: Sandra Dragūns and Daina Kains

You can contact the conductors by telephoning the Sydney Latvian Society, or by sending a message via our Contact Us page.

About the choir
The choir was established by Latvian Friendly Society in 1949. With the establishment of The Sydney Latvian Society, in 1952, it has been continuously active since that time, presenting its own concerts, as well as participating in the functions of many other organisations. It has sung several times in the Sydney Opera house as well as the Sydney Town Hall. It participates in the 18th November Latvian Independence Day functions, The Joint Baltic Committee's 14th of June Deportation Commemoration functions, Australian Latvian Arts Festivals and many other functions at the Latvian Centre.

At its peak the choir had 80 singers. With the passage of time and loss of first and second generation Latvians in Sydney, it diminished in size, and ceased to function in 2013.

In it's place a new mixed choir was formed in 2014 with the purpose of singing in the 2014 Australian Latvian Arts Festival which was held in December in 2014 in Sydney.

Kultūras dienu koris dzied 2014. gada Jānu sarīkojumā. Dirģente Sandra Dragūna. View larger>>

2014. gada Kultūras dienas Kopkoru koncerts Sidnejas Latviešu namā.
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Sydney Latvian Male Choir (SLVK)

Artistic Director and Conductor: Daina Jaunbērziņš
Conductor: Ivars Štubis
Choir Committee Chairman: Gunārs Zodiņš.

Choir rehearsals take place at the Sydney Latvian House every Monday evening from 6.15pm until 8.45 pm. All welcome to come and sing. You can contact the conductor by telephoning the Sydney Latvian Society, or by sending a message via our Contact Us page.

About the choir
The choir originated from the male octet "Imanta", which then expanded into the SLVK in 1956.

The choir presents its own annual concerts as well as performing at other functions such as the Australian Latvian Arts Fesivals, 18. November Latvian Independence Day concerts, Joint Baltic Committee's 14th June Deportation Commemoration concerts, as well as various other functions, and a number of individual singers participatie in the Song and Dance Festivals in Latvia.

The choir's repertoire consists mainly of works by Latvian composers, and Latvian folksongs.
In 2006 the choir celebrated its 50th anniversary.

SLVK at their 2012 concert. Conductor Daina Jaunbērziņš. View larger>>

SLVK at their 2012 concert. Conductor Ivars Štubis. View larger>>

SLVK singing at the 2014 Latvian Arts Festival Sacred Music Concert, December 2014, Sydney. Conductor Daina Jaunbērziņš. View larger>>

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