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Australian Latvian Sports Federation (ALSP)

Management of the ALSP returns to Sydney after fifty two years in Adelaide. At the ALSP Congress in December 2012 Gunars Berzzarins resigned as president of ALSP and the Congress elected Dimi Pesudovs from Sydney as the new President.

Dimis Pešudovs, ALSP President
Tel: 0409 042 908


President: Viktors Sīkais, telephone: 0413 018 588

Committee of the NSW Latvian Sports Club:
- President Viktors Sīkais
- Deputy President Andris Andersons
- Treasurer Ināra Sīkais
- Secretary (currently vacant, due to passing of former secretary Arnold Jumikis), and
- Committee members Jānis Grauds, Richards Puisēns and Toms Veidners.

Sydney Novuss Club (SNK)

President: Richards Puisēns, tel. 02 9481 8659, 0418 607 764;
Vice President: Edgars Nemme, tel. 0409 127 778
Treasurer: Romāns Senkēvičš, tel. 02 9681 6260;
Secretary: (currently vacant, due to passing of former secretary Arnold Jumikis)

Central Coast Novuss Club (CKN)
CKN President: Andris Ruņģis, tel. 02 4324 3776, 0407 269 988;

About the Sydney Novuss Club...

2012 Australian Latvian Novuss Championships

The 2012 Australian Latvian Novuss Championships were held 5-6 january, 2013 in Adelaide at the Latvian House "Tālava".

NSW players brought home all trophies contested by 20 novuss players from four clubs in Adelaide on 5 and 6 of January. Richard Puisens won the singles competition, Selga Pesudovs came first in the ladies singles competition and Richard Puisens with Dimi Pesudovs won the doubles competition.

Trophies from left: Doubles, Singles, Ladies Singles

Sitting: Dzintra Sudimte ASK 2 place in ladies singles., Selga Pesudovs CKN 1 place in ladies singles, Regina Berkis ASK 3 place in ladies singles.

Standing: Richards Puisens SNK 1 place in singles and 1 place in doubles, Alvils Valodze ASK 3 place in doubles, Sigis Andersons MDVNK in singles and 2 place in doubles, Janis Brakovskis ASK in doubles, Roberts Kārkliņš MDVNK 3 place in singles and 2 place in doubles, Dimis Pesudovs CKN 1 place in doubles. Photo: Agris Ezeriņš. View larger >>

2012 NSW Novuss Championships

The 2012 NSW Novus Championships were held on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July at the Daugavas Vanagu Club, Bankstown. Concurrent with the Championships the Aivars Drezins memorial trophy was also contested.

There were 26 competitors in the singles competition divided into four groups with three most successful players in each group qualifying for the A-final, the next two for the B-final and the rest for the C-final. At the end of the day the winner was last years champion Roberts Karklins (MDVNK), the silver medal was awarded to Guntis Kaufmanis (SNK) and bronze to Janis Brakovskis (ASK) followed closely by Evalds Paeglis (MDVNK), Richards Puisens (SNK) and Ivars Mirovics (MDVNK).

Ladies competition was won by Anita Misins (ASK) followed by Selga Pesudovs (CKN) and her daughter Linda Pesudovs (CKN) third.

In the doubles competition there were 14 pairs and each pair played every other pair. The winners were Roberts Karklins (MDVNK) with Sigis Andersons (MDVNK) followed by Richards Puisens (SNK) with Beren Delforce (SNK) and Arnis Karklins (SNK) with Janis Veiss (SNK).

In the Aivars Drezins memorial trophy competition two players represented each club playing two sets against each player in the competition. Roberts Karklins (MDVNK) retained the trophy he won last year followed by Peteris Dancis (ASK) and Dimi Pesudovs (CKN).

SNK players at the NSW Novuss Championship: from left: Arnolds Jumikis, Roms Senkēvičs, Edgars Nemme, Dailons Palējs, Imants Graudiņš. Foto: Rūdis Nemme. Enlarge>>

Prize winners at the 2012 NSW Novuss Championship. Seated: Linda Pešudovs (CKN) 3rd place ladies, Anita Misiņa (ASK) 1st place ladies, Selga Pešudovs (CKN) 2nd place ladies. Standing: Beren Delforce (SNK) 2nd place doubles, Richards Puisēns (SNK) 2nd place doubles, Jānis Brakovskis (ASK) 3rd place singles, Roberts Kārkliņš (MDVNK) 1st place singles, doubles and the Aivars Drezins memorial trophy, Sigis Andersons (MDVNK) 1st place doubles, Jānis Veiss (SNK) 3rd place doubles, Arnis Kārkliņš (SNK) 3rd place doubles. Enlarge>>

Youngest players with Novuss club president Richard Puisēns. From left: Beren Delforce (SNK), Stuart Pešudovs (CKN) Linda Pešudovs (CKN). Enlarge>>

Unusual Novuss Competition

On 11 May, 2012 at the Sydney Daugavas Vanagi club, the Central Coast Novuss Group challenged its elder brother, the Sydney Novuss Group to a competition along the lines of Davis Cup tennis competition . Each team selected four players two for singles and two for doubles. The singles were played best of five sets and the doubles best of seven sets. Like Australia’s leader, a lady was appointed to oversee the competition, Selga Pesudovs from the Central Coast.

Central Coast singles representatives were Dimi Pesudovs and Ojars Dancis and doubles Andris Rungis and Arturs Ernsteins. Their opponents in singles were Edvins Kaufmanis and Richards Puisens while in doubles Arnis Karklins and Edgars Nemme.

Twelve spectators watched the progress of the games at times loudly supporting the Sydney players, but CKN players did not have any supporters at the competition. SNK showed its superior experience and easily disposed of its younger brother 4-1. Edvins Kaufmanis won both singles beating Pesudovs 3-1 and Dancis also 3-1 Puisens had a much tougher batle beating Dancis 3-2, but loosing to Pesudovs 2-3. In the doubles CKN started well, but once the SNK players got going they won the match 4-1. CKN let some chances slip by through simple mistakes.

Dimi Pešudovs

Competitors from left: Ojars Dancis, Arturs Ernšteins, Andris Ruņģis, Dimis Pešudovs all CKN, Edvīns Kaufmanis, Edgars Nemme, Arnis Kārkliņš, Richards Puisēns all SNK. Bigger>>

Ojārs Dancis prepared and donated a trophy which was presented to the winning captain Richards Puisens by Selga Pesudovs at the end of the competition. Competitors and spectators were highly enthusiastic about the competition and decided to hold a similar competition in three months time. Bigger>>

2012 Victorian Novuss Championships

The championships were held on 31 of March and 1 April at the Latvian Retirement Village in Melbourne. There were 33 participants in the singles competition and 30 in the doubles competition. Twelve players traveled from NSW to take part, 7 from Sydney and 5 from the Central Coast. The large number of participants from NSW did not achieve the results expected and departed with only four trophies from the available fifteen. One interesting feature was that three generations of the Pesudovs family participated in the competition.

Janis Brakovskis from Adelaide ASK club became the 2012 Victorian Novuss champion with a score of 15 points and 25 sets followed by Roberts Karklins and Evalds Paeglis sharing second and third place with 12 points and 21 sets. NSW players did not achieve brilliant results: 6th place Edvins Kaufmanis 9/20. 7th place Richards Puisens 8/16, 8th place Dimis Pesudovs 7/16, 10th place Rudi Nemme 3/10, 12th place Guntis Kaufmanis, 15th place Selga Pesudovs, 17th place Andris Rungis, 19th place Arnolds Jumikis, 21st place Edgars Nemme, 25th place Linda Pesudovs, 26th place Stuart Pesudovs.

Ladies singles was won by Dzidra Cekulina from Melbourne with 10 points and 20 sets in second place was Selga Pesudovs from CKN with 10 points and 16 sets followed by Ausma Puce from Ballarat Venta, Regina Berkis from ASK, Linda Pesudovs from CKN, and Irena Ellis from Geelong.

Brothers Guntis and Edvins Kaufmanis from SNK won the doubles with 23 points followed by Evalds Paeglis and Ivars Mirovics from Melbourne with 20 points leaving Janis Brakovskis and Peteris Dancis from ASK in third place with 19 point. NSW players achieved fourth place Richards Puisens and Dimis Pesudovs , fifth place Rudis and Edgars Nemme, seventh place Andris Rungis and Selga Pesudovs, eighth place Arnolds Jumikis and Imants Graudins, and fifteenth place Linda and Stuart Pesudovs.

Dimi Pesudovs

NSW players at the 2012 Victorian Novuss Championships: from left: Richards Puisens, Arnolds Jumikis, Stuart Pesudovs, Dimis Pesudovs, Rudis Nemme, Linda Pesudovs, Selga Pesudovs, Guntis Kaufmanis, Andris Rungis, Edvins Kaufmanis, Imants Graudins, Edgars Nemme. View larger>>

NSW Players with their awards: from left: Edvins Kaufmanis, first place in doubles, Selga Pesudovs, second place in ladies singles, and Guntis Kaufmanis first place in doubles. View larger >>

2011 Australian Latvian Novus Championship

The championship took place on 14 - 15 January, 2012 at the Sydney Latvian House, 32 Parnell St, Strathfield.

Twenty Sydney and Central Coast players took part in the Championships with outstanding results. Sydney players Berin Delforcce (SNK) won gold and Rudis Nemme (SNK) silver in the singles leaving the bronze medal to Zigis Andersons (MDVNK).

Selga Pešudovs (CKN) won the gold medal and the Janis Tilibs Trophy in the womens singles leaving the silver medal to Anita Misiņš (ASK) and bronze medal to Gundega Zariņš (SNK).

The doubles were won by the team from Melbourne of Ivars Mirovics (MDVNK) and Ēvalds Paeglis (MDVNK0, but the silver medals were taken out by local team of Richards Puisēns (SNK) and Dimi Pešudovs (CKN) with the bronze medals also going to a local team of Edvīns Kaufmanis SNK) and Imants Graudiņš.

The group photo at right shows the players who won awards. Sitting, from left womens singles place getters Anita Misiņa (2nd, ASK) ,Selga Pešudovs (1st, CKN), Gundega Zariņa (3rd, SNK). Standing, from left Richards Puisēns (SNK) 2nd in doubles, Zigis Andersons (MDVNK) 3rd in singles, Dimis Pešudovs (CKN) 2nd in doubles, Ivars Mirovics (MDVNK) 1st in doubles, Edvīns Kaufmanis (SNK) 3rd in doubles, Imants Graudiņš (SNK) 3rd in doubles, Rūdis Nemme (SNK) 2nd in singles. In third row, "Encouragement award" winners Ben Shallcross (CKN) and Stuart Pešudovs (CKN). Absent from photo are Berin Delforce (SNK) 1st in singles and Ēvalds Paeglis (MDVNK) 1st in doubles.

Dimis Pešūdovs

Winners at the 2011 Australian Latvian Novus Championship. View larger>>

Andris Ruņģis, president of the Central Coast Novus Club presents encouragement awards to fourteen year old players Stuart Pesudovs (CKN) and Ben Shallcross (CKN) participating in their first novus tournament. View larger >>

Imants Graudiņš wins DV novus championship
Fourteen novus players - 9 from Sydney and 5 from the Central Coast - met on 9 December, 2011 at the Bankstown Daugavas Vanagi (DV) club to compete for the Daugavas Vanagi 60th Anniversary novus championship. The Sydney branch of the DV club was officially founded on 9 December 1951.

The singles tournament was organised according to an unusual, but interesting, system. Each player could invite an opponent to play a game of 3 sets. Each player continued to play until they lost 3 games, at which point they dropped out of the tournament.

Games were played all afternoon until three players remained - Imants Graudiņš with one loss and Andris Ruņģis and Arturs Ernšteins each with two losses. As all three had already played each other, Ruņģis and Ernšteins played each other for the right to challenge Graudiņš for first place. Ruņģis overcame his previous loss to Ernšteins and won the game in 3 sets.

In the final game, extended to 5 sets, both players started nervously and made simple errors. Ruņģis took the first 2 sets and it looked like victory was in his hands, but Graudiņš rallied and fought back to take the next 3 sets and emrge winner of the Daugavas Vanagi Sydney branch 60th Anniversary novus trophy.

Dimis Pešūdovs

Andris Ruņģis, Central Coast Novus Club (2nd), Imants Graudiņš, Sydney DV Club (1st), Arturs Ernšteins, Central Coast Novus Club (3rd) View larger >>

2011 South Australian Novuss Championships

Four players from NSW participated in the South Australian Novuss Championships in Adelaide. Dimi Pesudovs from NSW went to defend the singles title that he won last year but failed to do so and the honour went to local player Alvils Valodze. NSW players did not do well in singles and had to be satisfied with 10, 12, 20 and 21 place among 22 participants. In the doubles Dimi Pesudovs and Richard Puisens tried to defend the title they won in 2010, but failed to achieve that by one point handing the title over to victorians Robert Karklins and Zigis Andersons. The other NSW pair of Selga Pesudovs and Andris Rungis were left in 11th. place

With the conclusion of the South Australian Novus Championships the 2011 novuss competition season was completed and Saša Grims prepared the latest ranking of novuss players in Australia. The first five places were equally divided among players from the three participating states:

Roberts Kārkliņš (Vik.) 76. points
Alvils Vālodze (DA) 61. points
Dimis Pešudovs (JDV) 57. points
Richards Puisēns (JDV) 53. points
Ēvalds Paeglis (Vik.) 48. points

Dimis Pešudovs

NSW trophy winners, from left: Dimis Pešudovs and Sydney Novuss President Richards Puisēns.

2011 NSW Novuss Championships

The 2011 NSW Novus Championships were held on 18 and 19 of June. The singles competion was held for both men and women, but doubles was a combined event. Twenty four competitors took part, among them three ladies. Four competitors came from Melbourne, three from Adelaide, five from the Central Coast and twelve from Sydney.

At the conclusion of the singles competition the two best players from each state were selected to compete for the inaugural Aivars Drezins Memorial Trophy. Roberts Karklins from Melbourne won the competition and was presented with the trophy by Aivars widow Inese Drezins.

Women played singles together with the men, but were awarded trophies separately. The winner was Selga Pesudovs from the Central Coast who also achieved thirteenth place in the overall singles competition. Anita Misins from Adelaide came second, gaining twentieth place overall, and Gundega Zarins from Sydney came third (twenty third overall).

The singles competition was very close with the final result not decided until the last match. Edvins Kaufmanis from Sydney with 22 points came out the winner leaving Roberts Karklins from Melbourne with 20 points in second place and Dimis Pesudovs from Central Coast with 19 points third.

The doubles were dominated by the Kaufmanis brothers Guntis and Edvins from Sydney, winning the competition convincingly, leaving team mates Janis Veiss and Romans Senkevics in second place and Roberts Karklins and Ivars Mirovics from Melbourne third.

The NSW players were very successful winning eight of the available thirteen trophies.

The championships demonstrated that novuss is a real family game with Arnis and Maris Karklins, father and son combination in the doubles, brothers Guntis and Edvins Kaufmanis in both singles and doubles and two couples Selga and Dimis Pesudovs and Anita Misins and Janis Brakovskis also playing in both singles and doubles.

Dimis Pešudovs

NSW trophy winners, from left: Roms Senkēvičs, Jānis Veiss, Gundega Zariņa, Dimis Pešudovs, Selga Pešudova, Guntis Kaufmanis, Sydney Novuss President Richards Puisēns, and Edvīns Kaufmanis. View larger >>

From left: Roms Senkēvičs, Jānis Veiss, Guntis Kaufmanis, Edvins Kaufmanis, Roberts Kārkliņš, Ivars Mirovics.
View larger >>

See all 2011 NSW Novuss Championship photos>>

Elmars Vanagas Trophy, May 2011

Central Coast novuss players excelled in the Sydney Novuss Club organised tournament in May 2011 to play for the Elmars Vanags donated perpetual trophy.

Dimis Pešudovs won the tournament and Arturs Ernšteins came third. Second place was won by Sydney player Edgars Nemme.

Twenty players registered and commenced the tounament (17 men and 3 ladies), but only fifteen completed all the games. Under the rules of the tournament, the competition was run in a round robin format where every player had to play a seven set match against every player in the competition. The players that completed the tournament played a total of 98 sets.

As the results below indicate the competition was very close and third place had to be decided on countback. In the round robin matches Arturs Ernšteins defeated Jānis Veiss and hence was placed third.

Elmars Vanags tournament winners: from left, Dimis Pešudovs (1st), Edgars Nemme (2nd), Arturs Ernšteins (3rd)


Place Player Sets won Sets lost
1 Dimis Pešudovs 67 31
2 Edgars Nemme 61 37
3 Arturs Ernšteins 59 39
4 Jānis Veiss 59 39
5 Rudis Nemme 58 40
6 Richards Puisēns 55 43
7 Arnis Kārkliņš 55 43
8 Dailons Palejs 54 44


Place Player Sets won Sets lost
9 Imants Graudiņš 54 44
10 Andris Ruņģis 47 51
11 Arnolds Jumiķis 45 53
12 Roms Senkēvičs 43 45
13 Selga Pešudovs 36 62
14 Gundega Zariņš 29 69
15 Andrejs Mednis 10 88

Australian Latvian 2011 Novus Championships

The Australian Latvian 2011 Novus Championships (ALNC) took place in February in Melbourne. Due to unforseen circumstances, the dates for the ALNC were changed and for this reason only three players from each of the Sydney Novus Club and Central Coast Novus Club were able to participate.

The singles was contested by 31 players and was won by A. Vālodze from Adelaide, with 2nd place to R. Kārkliņš from Melbourne and 3rd to Sydney player Dimis Pešudovs. R. Puisēns took 4th place, A. Ernšteins 8th, R. Nemme 13th and A. Ruņģis and E. Nemme shared 16th/17th place.

Fourteen pairs took part in the doubles, which was won by R. Kārkliņš and S. Andersons from Melbourne, beating the Nemme brothers from Sydney. Sixth place went to D. Pešudovs un R. Puisēns, with A. Ernšteins and A. Ruņģis in 9th place.

Our results were not as good as we had hoped for, but we were not in last place!

Players with their awards at the Australian Latvian Novus Chamionships in Melbourne in February 2011. Sitting: A. Strauks (3rd in doubles), J. Kondarovskis (3rd in doubles), A Misiņa (1st in ladies singles), R. Berke (3rd in ladies singles), A. Valodze (1st in singles). Standing: R. Nemme (2nd in doubles), E Nemme (2nd in doubles), R Kārkliņš (1st in doubles andd 2nd in singles), S. Andersons (1stin doubles), D Pešudovs (3rd in singles). Missing is Ausma Pūce (2nd in ladies singles). Enlarge photo

NSW players at the Australian Latvian Novus Chamionships in Melbourne in February 2011. Sitting: A Ernšteins, A Ruņģis; standing: R. Nemme, R. Puisēns, D. Pešudovs, E. Nemme. Enlarge photo

The Sydney Novuss Club meets every Friday evening from 4-8 pm at the Sydney Latvian Relief Society premises (Daugavas Vanagu Nams), 49 Stanley St. Bankstown, ph. 02 9790 1140.

Various kinds of tournaments are held, both singles and doubles, with and without handicaps, and also friendly competitions. Games are played in a very friendly atmosphere, assisted by liquid refreshments. The Daugavas Vanagu premises are just a 5 minute walk from Bankstown railway station.

New players are always welcome, whether they are beginners or experienced players. Novuss is a very appropriate sport for those former sportspersons who cannot or no longer wish to kick a football, throw a basketball or volleyball. Parents can also bring their children to teach them this old Latvian sport.

Club members take part in Open tournaments in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The Sydney Open Championship took place 19-20 June, 2010, together with competitors from Melbourne. The Sydney club members had good success, with brothers Edvīns and Guntis Kaufmanis winning first and second place, and Melbourne player Ēvalds Paeglis taking third place.

The first internal club tournament for 2010-2011 will be the Elmārs Vanags Trophy, which involves each player playing against each other in 7-set matches. The player who wins the most sets over the tournament will win first place and the trophy. This tournament is used to calculate members handicaps.

The Central Coast Novuss (CKN) group plays every Tuesday morning.


See the table below for a list of all the tournaments scheduled for the year 2010-2011.

Click here to watch the Sydney 2010 Open Novuss Championship on YouTube.


Novuss at the Latvian Relief Society.

Location of the Latvian Relief Society (Daugavas Vanagu nams).

Winners of the Sydney Open Novuss championship held 19-20 June, 2010. From left: Ēvalds Paeglis (3rd), Guntis Kaufmanis (2nd), Edvīns Kaufmanis (1st).

Central Coast Novuss (CKN) members, from left: Arturs Ernšteins, Andris Ruņģis, Ojārs Dancis, Selga Pešudovs, Dimis Pešudovs, Richards Puisēns, Juris Zemītis

Sydney Novuss Club (SNK) 2011-2012 calendar of tournaments, including all Australian Open tournaments

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