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The book "Spārnotie gadi"
presents 55 years of plays
by the Sydney Latvian

The book can be
purchased from the SLT

List of plays produced
1951 - 2006

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Sydney Latvian Theatre

A commedy by Aiva Birbele
(performed in Latvian)

Director – Jānis Grauds
Featuring – Līga Saldums-Hegner and Ilona Brūveris

Friday 17 August at 7:00 pm
Saturday 18 August at 4:00 pm
Sunday 19 August at 2:00 pm

Sydney Latvian House – Mārtiņš Siliņš Hall

Entry - $20 / $15 concession

You can order dinner/lunch
Please order by 12 August
Friday – dinner from 5:50 pm
Saturday – dinner following the performance
Sunday – lunch from 12:30 pm

Tickets can be ordered from the SLB bookshop - 9744 8500

SLT Management
The Sydney Latvian Theatre has an executive, which is elected by members of the SLT.
The 2009-2010 executive is:
President: Ilona Brūvere
Secretary: Jānis Čečiņš
Book keeper: Vaira Zemīts
Treasurer: Tatjana Vītols
Advisory members: Jānis Grauds, Andris Kariks, Jānis Dunnicliff
Auditors: Andris Kariks, Ojārs Greste, Māris Bruzgulis

The Sydney Latvian Theatre can be contacted by filling in the information form on the Contact Us page.

SLT History
The Sydney Latvian Theatre was founded in October 1950. The first play, "Tīreļpurvs" by Mārtiņš Zīverts, was produced in January 1951 at the Estonian Club. Subsequent plays were produced in rented halls until 1959, when the Sydney Latvian Society built its own hall in Strathfield. Since that time, the stage and under-stage area of the Latvian House has been home to the Sydney Latvian Theatre.

Since 1951, the SLT has been staging plays not only by Latvian authors, but also Latvian translations of the great classics of world theatre. A list of the plays which have been produced from 1951 to 2006 can be viewed here. The SLT is considered as one of the most active and successful Latvian theatre groups outside of Latvia, maintaining a high standard and presenting a wide repertoire.

Some significant achievements by the SLT:
At the initiative of the SLT, in 1961 the first Australian Latvian Theatre festival was held in Sydney. Four groups performed:
The Sydney Latvian Theatre,
The Australian Latvian Theatre from Melbourne,
The Adelaide Latvian Theatre ensemble, and
The Brisbane Latvian Theatre.

Since then, a Theatre Festival has been held almost annually in either Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth.

In 1962 the SLT presented the first "Kaleidoscope", written by Uldis Siliņš. This consisted of a series of satirical sketches and songs. It made use of music and dance and involved most of the SLT ensemble, as well as recruiting new actors. Since then the SLT's "Kaleidoscope" has become an almost annual show and usually draws the biggest audiences. Sketches and songs have been written by various authors, includinh some SLT ensemble members.

The SLT ensemble has included several playwrights – Uldis Siliņš, Spodris Klauverts, Elga Rodze-Ķīselis - as well as translators of plays – Lija Veikins, Hugo Kaupmanis, Mirdza Ansulis.

Overseas tours
In 1972, 1974, and 1981, the SLT toured America and Europe with its productions, and in 1989 and 1991 the SLT toured Latvia with two plays. The SLT has taken part in all three "Free Latvian Song Festivals" in Munster (Germany), POrtland (USA) and Gotland.

SLT Book
In 2006 the SLT published a book called "Sparnotie gadi", which lists the palys that the ensemble has produced over 55 years from 1951 to 2006. The book's editor was Anita Apelis. The book contains programmes, photographs and reviews about all SLT productions. The book can be purchased from the SLT.

The SLT's repertoire has ranged from Latvian and European classics to contemporary plays by authors such as Noel Coward, George Bernard Shaw, Chekov, Goldoni, Ibsen, Anouilh, Cocteau, Sartre, Ionesco and Beckett.

Cabaret de Rīga
In 2007 and 2008, the SLT, together with guest musicians and singers, presented a cabaret show based on the memoirs of a waiter, who worked in Rīga's "Hotel de Rome" in the 1930's. The show was devised and written by Jānis Čečiņš who played the waiter as he recounted his memories of the cabaret shows that were a nightly event at the Hotel de Rome. The Cabaret de Rīga show proved to be very popular and toured to the Latvian communities in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as presenting several performances in Sydney.

See excerpts of the Cabaret de Rīga show on YouTube.

See photos of our most recent production, Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".

SLT ensemble at its annual get together. At front, from left: Uldis Misiņš, Anita Apelis, Elvīra Erdmanis; sitting: Viktorija Mačēns, Ivars Apelis, Anita Misiņš, Dzidra Mitchell, Ruta Ošiņš, Jānis Čečiņš, Andrejs Mačēns, Vija Erdmanis; standing: Viktors Aleidzāns, Ojārs Greste, Inara Tomsons, Jānis Grauds, Ilona Brūveris, Inārs Brūveris, Dagnija Greste, Andris Kariks, Ilga Nemme, Vija Dukure, Vaira Zemīts, Rūdis Nemme, Lidija Ceplis, Toms Mačēns. Enlarge

At the Christening of the book "Sparnotie gadi" in 2006. From left: Ina Ronis, Inta Rogers, Astrīda Ploriņš, Anita Apelis, Alfrēds Siļķēns, Lija Veikins. Enlarge

Kārlis Gulbers and Lija Veikins in Anšlāvs Eglītis' play "Cilvēks grib spēlēt", 2004.

"Cabaret de Rīga" ensemble in 2007. From left: Jānis Laurs, Andrejs Mačēns, Rachel Valer, Arnis Tillers, Jānis Čečiņš, Andris Kariks, Linda Ozers, Viktorija Mačēns, Tara Williams, Jānis Dunnicliff, Edgars Greste. Ojārs Greste. Enlarge

Jānis Čečiņš and Andrejs Mačēns sing "Bagāts un Nabags" in the "Kabarē de Rīga" cabaret show, Sydney Latvian House, 2007.

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